100 ways to say “Do NOT CALL me” (funny)

If you are a sales or marketing professional, then chances are you are familiar with the “Do Not Call Me” comments your forms sometimes generate. Since our EchoQuote™ tool is offered as a “self-service budgetary pricing” alternative to the typical “Contact Us” form, we were surprised at just how adamant visitors were about NOT being contacted.

Below is a list of unedited variations of the “Do Not Call Me” response.

I think my favorite is “I positively do not like telephone calls“.

It would have been terrific to hear these prospective customer’s reactions when they, in fact, did get their budgetary quote quickly WITHOUT being called. The words “surprised” and “thankful” come to mind.


I dont want a SALES CALL
I just need a quote – please do not contact me
I need a quote for what is listed. Not interested in phone calls. thanks
I positively do not like telephone calls
absolutely do NOT call
Budgetary – do not contact
Contact by email only pls
Contact by mail please
contact me via email NO PHONE.
Contact via email not phone
Contact via email preferred
contact via email. traveling
do not call
Do not call
do not call – just curious
Do not call me
Do not call me I am just fact finding
Do not call me.
do not call or email
Do Not Call!
Do Not contact
Do not contact me for the moment
Do not want sales call
don’t call
dont call me plz.
Dont call!!!!
email contact only please
Email me instead of call
evaluating costs and configs…please, no calls.
first no futher contact, just getting informatieon
Great site. Just doing some research. Would have not bothered calling but since it was self help I thought why not.
Info only. Please do not call
informational only, dont call
Just checking prices, please do not call
just curious. do not call me
Just curious. Please do not call!
just getting a quote I do not need anyone to contact me

“I positively do not like telephone calls”

Just getting info. Will contact you if interested
Just inquiring. Do not contact.
Just looking for a quote, not a call
Just need prices, not contact. Will contact you if we can purchase.
Looking for a GSA approved gun safe capable of being bolted to the floor. Please email quote, no phone calls please.
N0 calls please
no call needed looking at cost to determine if it fits anywhere near a price range.
No calls — just ballpark pricing for now
No calls — just ballpark pricing for now
No calls please
no calls please
no calls please
No calls please – just pricing now
no long phone call please.
No marketing calls please
No need to call
no need to call
No need to call me just now.
No need to call, pricechecking
no need to contact me.
No phone calls please
no phone calls please
no phone calls please
no phone calls!
No sales calls please
No Sales Calls Please
no sales calls please
No sales calls please
No sales calls please
please do not call
please do not call – we are gather data for purpose of finind what will meet our needs
please do not call me
Please do not call me!
Please do not call me.
Please do not call me. Email me a quote. Thanks
Please do not call or email me with solicitation 🙁
Please do not call, email.
Please do NOT call, just budget
Please do not call.
Please do not call: use email
Please do not contact
please do not contact me
Please do not contact or add to maill/email list
Please do not contact us
Please do not contact via phone
Please do not contact; will contact you if interested.
Please email dont call
Please email quote- DO NOT CALL- Need S&G 3 wheel lock
Please email, do not call
Please email, do not call.
Please email, dont call
Please leave a message if you call
Please no calls at this point.
Please no calls, just looking
please no phone calls at this point
Please no sales calls email ok
please no unsolicited calls
Plese do not call
pls dont call
Pls no calls after 11 AM CST. This is mainly informational only rigth now. (feasibility)
plz do not contact
Price Search Only. Please do not contact me. I will contact you if our budget allows for product purchase. Thanks!
This is ONLY for budget comparison. NO calls, please.