We’ve Been Obsessed With Capturing

High-Quality Leads Since 2008.

Our Story

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Dale Underwood co-founded several successful Information Technology companies including QStar Technologies, CommVault and Marzik Inc., a Commercial Equipment dealer/reseller.

During his time at Marzik, Mr. Underwood realized that customers were doing their own research and only contacting Marzik at the time of purchase, negatively affecting profit margins.

With sales margins dropping, Mr. Underwood started EchoQuote in 2008 to address three emerging trends in the B2B sales market:

  1. B2B Buyers need pricing early in the Sales Cycle to understand and budget for solutions, but don’t want the hassle of contacting sales.
  2. Sales wants qualified prospects but needs to stay in control of who gets pricing and how it’s positioned.
  3. Marketing sees pricing transparency as a new way to capture high-quality leads and improve marketing’s return on investment.

EchoQuote was built to solve all three.

Today, EchoQuote has evolved into SafePrice.io to better reflect the challenges that B2B manufacturers face when trying to balance price transparency with Sales control.

Why does modern Lead Generation require a different approach?

What B2B Buyers really want from a website:

Budgetary Pricing
Product Information

(Study of 1,000 B2B Buyers courtesy of MECLABS)

Buyer behavior has changed.

Buyers can now get most of the information they need without ever contacting sales…even pricing.

Pricing Information – The content King.

  • Pricing is #1 sought after information

  • Pricing interest never goes stale

  • Pricing appeals to serious prospects

  • Pricing appeals to early stage buyers

  • Pricing appeals to new and existing customers



Don’t give pricing away – be smart about it.

  • We’re successfully engaging close to 50% of the SafePrice.io leads that come in…we’ve been nothing but happy with it.

    J. Turnbull
    J. Turnbull President, Thunderstone Software
  • I’ve never seen a sales team more excited about a lead generation program. It really works!

    K. Morris
    K. Morris VP Demand Generation
  • Want more sales qualified leads and don’t want to spend a ton of money, resources or time doing it? SafePrice.io is the answer!

    S. Worthington
    S. Worthington VP Marketing
  • SafePrice helps us capture the right leads, at the right time.

    Brent P.
    Brent P. Director of Marketing / Scale Computing
  • Price is the most specific piece of information customers use to understand the nature of an offering...we have miles of videotape of users asking "Where's the price?" while tearing their hair out.

    J. Nielsen
    J. Nielsen Principal, Nielsen Norman Group
  • SafePrice.io is the best sales conversation starter I've seen in the last 20 years of business. The value is amazing!

    K. Roller
    K. Roller VP Marketing
  • For me, the biggest benefit of SafePrice.io is the advantage we get by being the first ones in the door.

    J. Klemme
    J. Klemme President, KL Security
  • SafePrice.io helps us convert a larger percentage of casual web site visitors into high-intent sales leads.

    N. Ekker
    N. Ekker VP Marketing, Texas Memory